About Moment

Moment is a non-profit organization with the status of public interest in the field of culture, founded in 2006 with the aim to create and develop an independent theatre and related performing arts.

Our projects are generated through research, testing, teaching and (self-) criticism, in constant search of possibilities and capabilities to express. We nurture and unite artists from different and diverse performing areas – from puppetry, dance, physical, poetic theatre to the performative theatre, but we don’t want to share or restrict the theatre itself. We understand it in its entirety, with a tendency to learn from each other.

Because of the different backgrounds of the creators, projects are consciously diverse. These diversities are clearly expressed and mutually confronted. This creates a theatre that moves away from conventional guidelines and wants to exceed itself every time. But we don’t want to remain an end in itself. One of the goals is accessibility for a diverse audience and to spread theatrical awareness among all generations.

Our principal activities are: regular production of contemporary performing arts, organization and implementation of training projects, programs for young artists in the field of performing arts, festival production, integration of performing arts and welfare.

Projects are carried out with the help of local and international partners who are interested in opening up the field of contemporary theatre.