The performance, which talks about friendship, loneliness and mutual understanding, is intended for the youngest (2+) children. It was created on the motifs of the picture book, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Witty, gentle and simple story about a boy, who one day finds a penguin in front of the door and he wants to return him to someone or somewhere, it’s the adventurous journey that encourages children to observe the moving story of tolerance, trust and willingness to help till the noble goal - true friendship that overcomes all obstacles.

In the centre of happening are children. They sit in a circle on the stage, so that they can help the boy and penguin on the way, while the performance is going on around them. The actor passes over the puppet animation of technologically diverse dolls, like hand puppets, marionettes, guided dolls, toys, objects, and live act.

Director Zoran Petrovič

Actor Miha Bezeljak

Dramaturg Marek Turošík

Art designer Primož Mihevc

Music designer Lea Čehovin

Lighting designer Miljenko Knezoci

Sound designer Matej Modrinjak

Lector Simon Šerbinek

Puppet Theatre Maribor, Mini Theatre, and Moment co-production.


Award for the best performance of Summer Puppet Pier at 26th International Puppet Festival in Maribor (Slovenia), August 2015.