Mask Theatre is the source of inspiration for those who are looking for inspiration and new opportunities in theatrical expression. The working method pumps from the rich heritage of mask theatre and requires considerable physical input from participants. Playing with a mask forms the actor's capacity of physical expression. Improvisation leads him in constant contact with the audience. Fixed masks expression allows the actor to create a character that is stereotyped and unique at the same time. To this you can come on multilinguistic way, which means that viewers don’t have to necessarily understand the language of the performers.

Workshops combine physical heating, play and theory. The focus will be mainly on three elements: playing with the mask, creating character and improvisation. Due to its specifics workshops are intended for both, theatre artists as well for individuals, who are interested in working with the mask.

Mentors of workshops are young and renowned theatre artist, Janko Polak (Slovakia) and Maia Chavin (France), who led the workshop already in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

The number of places is limited, reservations are possible on

The participation fee is 20€.

We conduct workshops under the two-year project, Incubator Moment.