StudenTheatre 4.0

The Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the Moment Maribor, the GT22 Maribor, the Glej Theatre Ljubljana, the Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica and the Youth Centre Koper invite all theatre creators aged between 18 and 30 to join the project StudenTheatre 4.0!
The idea of the project is to establish one or more student theatre groups. Each group will be given a mentor, who will, however, not act as a director, but rather as somebody who will assist the group in the process of forming a concept and the studying process. The aim of the project is the development of the groups’ own theatre poetics, the result of which will be the creation of an original theatre performance.

Who can apply?
All young people, aged 18-30 (in principle), are welcome to join the project. The status of a student is not prerequisite. Both individuals and already existing groups can apply.

If this is StudenTheatre 4.0 – have there also been StudenTheatres 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
Of course, and we have to admit, in all modesty, that we did not do badly. In three years, 18 performances have been created. In the last two years, four performances by the StudenTheatre have got into the Festival Vizije (Visions) and have been awarded three »visionaries« (the festival’s prizes), including the visionary for the best performance overall.

How will the work proceed?
All applicants will attend the weekend workshop on 13th and 14th October in Ljubljana, where we will tackle the topics of acting, speech and stage movement. At the same time we will get additionally acquainted with each other and form groups on the basis of common interests/available time. If you do not nave an accomodation in Ljubljana, we can offer it to you (please leave a note when applying).

Each group will be allocated a mentor (a professional theatre creator), who will tutor the group and help them with forming a concept, the study process itself and producing a performance. By the end of the introductory workshop, each group will have presented their concept to their mentor.
A week later, the workshop on original theatre will take place. During the workshop each group will further develop the concept to form a solid starting point for a genius performance!

Rehearsals will take place by arrangement, an exact schedule will be agreed upon by the group. Created performances will be presented in March 2019 at the StudenTheatre festival in Ljubljana, Koper, Nova Gorica and Maribor.

What if I cannot attend the workshops?
The workshop activities are very important, not just for their educational value, but mostly due to meeting other participants and making friends. The groups working together will form right there, so do come and who you can light the spark with!
If you cannot participate at the workshops, you can still join the groups that will form there later.

Where will rehearsals take place?
Rehearsals will be held on the stage of the Glej Theatre stage and in the  rehearsal space of the the Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD) in Ljubljana, on Intimate stage GT22 (Moment) and rehearsal space of the Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD) in Maribor, on the stage and in the rehearsal space of the Slovenian National Theatre (SNG) Nova Gorica and the ZKD Točka Nova Gorica, and on the stage and in the rehearsal space of the Youth Centre Koper in Koper.

What do we offer?
The Glej Theatre, the Moment, the GT22, the Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica, the Youth Centre Koper and the Public Fund for Cultural Activities will carry out the introductory workshops, and provide the mentors, rehearsal space and venues for performances, logistics support, PR for the premiere and the basic budget needed for the performances.

What are my obligations?
An earnest interest, reliability, desire for creativity.
The participant’s fee is 30 EUR.

How do I apply?
The application form and more information are accessible here.