When and where
29. 10. 2018 at 20.00 // Intimni oder, GT22

Choreographer, dancer, performer and improviser Jan Rozman, a recent graduate from a two-year master study program Solo/Dance/Authorship at the Inter-University Centre for Dance in Berlin, tackles the relationship between a human and an object in his new solo work. He is researching the space of betweenness – the stage becomes an intimate polygon of the contact between the living and non-living matter in which the borders of the subject and object are blurred. By intertwining the performance genres and through the activation of the performative space, he addresses the issue of the connection between humans and environments and the threatening anthropo-ecological disaster.

Concept and Performance: Jan Rozman
Dramaturgy: Julia Kern Turbahn
Light Design: Urška Vohar
Costume: Kiss the Future
Scenography Advisor: Dan Adlesic

Produced by: EMANAT
Executive producer: Sabina Potočki
In collaboration with: Plesni Teater Ljubljana
Supported by: City Municipality of Ljubljana