GT22 closes due to Coronavirus epidemic


3/13, press release

Dear Visitors,

Due to the declared Coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, we are canceling all events by the end of March and are closing GT22 for visitors.

In order to protect us all, but especially vulnerable groups, we will thus contribute to reducing the potential for circulating viruses. On the website and other available communication channels we will keep you informed of any changes that may be made.

Current orders, recommendations and status information can be found on the website of the National Institute of Public Health.

Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon!



10/03, press release

Dear Visitors,

the events on the Intimate Stage in GT22 are currently not canceled as our capacity is less than 100 people. The coronavirus situation is certainly closely monitored and we are following the instructions. We pay careful attention to hygiene; the room was equipped with disinfectants and toilet facilities were provided with instructions for washing hands.

We also ask visitors to comply with the regulations and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health, and we do not recommend attending events to anyone who shows signs of the disease, the elderly and chronic patients, as they are more susceptible to communicable diseases due to their condition.

We will keep you updated on any changes to the program as soon as possible.

Let's stay healthy. Thank you!