Act Without Words

About the performance

… I’m thinking. From the rope the cube was released. I hear the whistle. I turn around, I notice the cube, look the carafe of water, I think, go to the cube, I raise it, take it to the tree and put it under the carafe, try its stability, I step on it, vainly trying to reach the carafe, give up, I step down, take the cube back to its place, I turn away, I think. From the rope another cube was released that is smaller, it land it.

The performance shows the struggle of individual caught in the environment without basic consumer goods. The desert is also an invisible cage. He is deprived of the basic living comfort, while exposed to provocations of sensual nature, which makes him think and find solutions that are not required in the world of comfort. However, the solutions keep moving away. He is detracted of disappointments, but he learns through it.  He became the artists of his own ideas, ideas and plans.

The performance lasts 40 minutes.

Director and author of visuals Zoran Petrovič

Actress Barbara Jamšek, Natasa Šisernik, Andrej Vršič

Costume designer Jenny Štumberger

Lighting designer of mise en scene and co-author of the scene David Orešič

Technical support Tin Grabnar

Premiere May 27, 2010 at 19:00, Maribor Puppet Theatre.

Co-production with the Puppet Theatre Maribor.