About the performance

Experimental object-based theatre project, developed in two countries with different yet dynamic puppet traditions.

The project, designed as a personal confession of a man, involves an interplay of animation, acting, motion, and subtle atmosphere. The performance analyses the phenomenon of tango and attempts to unravel ordinary – yet too often taboo – questions on interpersonal relationships, and focuses especially on an individual’s understanding of his or her own existence in relation to the opposite sex. This is achieved through the build-up of a relationship between the actor and the object.

The performance lasts 40 minutes.

Premiere: 31st August 2013

Director Zoran Petrovič

Performer Tilen Kožamelj

Dramaturg Aleksandra Blagojević

Set and costume designer Matic Gselman

Light designers Jason Smith, Šimon Kočí

Co-production between Studio LGM and Moment in cooperation with DAMU Prague.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Maribor.