Around a Clock

About the performance

Around a Clock, a performance which takes about an hour and which takes place at around one o’clock, features a clock as its central scenographic element.

Considering the title’s playfulness, which determines and intertwines the performance’s temporal and spatial-thematic dimensions, the authors do not attempt to conceal their desire for comic effects.

Although the performance is textless, it intertwines two stories: the first about three street musicians who are not acquainted, but wish to play at the same spot simultaneously – at the clock, and the second about a bird fallen from the nest at the top of the same clock, where the bird is looking for its mother, but encounters other animals and various obstacles. The artists employ the technique of object theatre by which they animate various objects, characteristically utilised by street musicians (instrument-holding bags, suitcases, cables, extension leads …), which thus become puppets. The key part is played by live sound-and-music images and by stage movement shifting between mime and animation. The performance is thus a convergence of elements of puppet, music-and-sound and movement theatre.

This original project for adults and young people is not bound to any location, as it can be performed both in theatre halls and in the street.


Director: Mare Bulc
Cast: Filip Šebšajevič, Tilen Kožamelj and Anže Zevnik
Author of music: Filip Šebšajevič
Costume designer: Mojca Bernjak
Scene and light designers: Mare Bulc, Tilen Kožamelj, Filip Šebšajevič and Anže Zevnik
Creator of a scenic element: Borut Žvorc
Technical support: Gašper Bohinec
Photographer: Gregor Salobir
Production: Moment
Premiere 13/06/2019, Intimate Stage, GT22