About the performance

The glorification of women it’s getting on my nerves. Since this is always in relation to man. Like some sort of a game where someone has to win. At the end there are two podium and two medals and two anthems. And this big question, which one will be sing – the anthem. It’s getting on my nerves that the woman is proud of the fact that she gives birth to children. And that is because of that so important. From whom? Of course, from a man who doesn’t – give birth. It’s getting on my nerves that the man is blackness and the female is self-proclaimed whiteness. That with the force she sticks quasi glow around her head that irradiated everything, somewhere far away in her shadow on the stump is sitting a lost man and waiting for her grace. It’s getting on my nerves to talk about a woman so noisy. Who is alone and self-sufficient and eternally alone for all. Who doesn’t need anyone. As the glow is enough.

The performance lasts 45 minutes and has no rest.

Director Minca Lorenzi

Actress Nina Ivanišin, Maruša Majer

Scenographer Matic Gselman

Costume designer Belinda Radulović

Proofread and explained Metka Damjan

Technical Master Bogdan Pernat – Bongo

Songs selection of poets I. Simonovic, S. Vegri, M. Škorjanec, Majarčičeva, N. Maurer, B. Korun, L. Poljanec, M. Kacic, F. Trojanšek, M. Vidmar, S. Hrastelj, A. Smith, M . Kreso

Premiere: November 23, 2011 at 20:00, the KGB club Maribor

Produced by Moment and KGB club.