B O O M !

About the performance

Authorial project of the dramatic theatre, puppets, objects, and video technology. The project sits on the border between drama and performance, puppets and object theatre, technology and video. The project is intended for adult spectators.

One of the key events for the contemporary study of man and society was a dialogue between two thinkers that still resonates from the 17th Century. Descartes separated the mind from the body, while Spinoza believed that the mind and the body are inseparable. This exchange of arguments triggered an unstoppable avalanche that for the next 350 years put in foreground the scientific method, and pushed the subjective perception into oblivion as being unsuitable and unreliable for the study of reality. People became merely external spectators, separated from the universe, until Einstein demonstrated that the measurements that the existence of the whole science relies upon are not impersonal events, but that the human actions executed in a specific time and space are, in fact, very much dependent on the observer. Almost concurrently another theory refuted the basics of the scientific paradigm: quantum mechanics puts upside down the reality of the everyday experience, where logic and common sense fail. I can be or not be here simultaneously, I can be a particle or a vibration, guilty and innocent, alive and dead … Good evening, my name is Robert Oppenheimer, and I have been dead for over fifty years. I am so famous that I barely need a name. I am Death and the Destroyer of Worlds. I am its saviour. I am the father of the atomic bomb.

The performance is a collective effort. It is a part of a wider two-year project Unplugged.

Premiere September 9th, 2016, Intimate Theatre, GT22 Maribor


Actor Rok Kravanja
Director Zoran Petrovič
Dramaturge Marek Turošík
Scenographer, costumes, co-author of the visual image Andrej Firm
Andrej’s external eye Miha Horvat
Thank you Monika.

Production Moment
Co-production GT22

The project is financially supported by the Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Municipality of Maribor.