About the performance

At first there was nothing. Then it cracked. The sun was made. It longed for the company, so it decides on the planets. In a sign of gratitude, they were circulate around it. At one of these planets life was created. A time has urged the evolution and demands the species from it that was capable of thinking. Over time, members of this species longed for many things in their vanity, and because of the ability of some we achieved mostly. We are the ones who use these goods, thereby intentionally or unintentionally we influence the surroundings. It was the same with the flight. Before dreamers didn’t show to us how to overcome gravity, we were anchored on Earth, much like today chickens. When we conquered also the sky, our relationship to the universe remained the very same, chicken relationship.

The performance deals with the origins of the universe, life, humanity and of the long unrealistic desire to fly. The title carries the old islandic epic about the origin of the universe, while it hiding the name of the first Slovenian aviator, Edvard Rusjan. The men who lived in the clouds and begin to live his dreams come to life. Who are we to abuse it?

The performance lasts 45 minutes.

The original project

Actress Tin Grabnar, Luka Treiber, Marko Petrovič, Primoz Gerlič, Matevž Dobaj, Andrej Vršič, Zoran Petrovič

Director Zoran Petrovič

Technical Support Sabina Bračič, Nives Orešnik

Costume designer Kornelija Kaurin

Premiere: December 21, 2008, at the first stage of the First Gymnasium Maribor


Award for the best performance on Visions Festival in 2009.

Award for the best direction at the Laktaši Festival (BIH) in 2009.

Award for the innovation at Linhart Meeting Festival in 2009.