About the performance

House NO. 6 is the Miniature that talks about sorrow and joy, old and new, children and adults, and of all the ones in between. We find ourselves in a decaying city, permeated with sadness. People don’t socialize with anyone; they isolate themselves in their homes, in their heads and in their thoughts. To get out of this inconvenience their mayor decided to renovate the city. When it will shine in new colours everything will be different. And really – by a number of difficulties builders restored the city successfully. Everything sparkles in the modern brilliance. But people, they are still sad. Now, our attention has caught the House number 6, in which the only inhabitant is the white cat. Builders have overlooked this house; thankfully. Maybe for it and for the city there is still hope … Before it front door the football rolls, followed by hopping children. They finally enter with soft knees and the adventure begins. They explore, discover, are amazed, repair, embellish, colouring, hammering and sharpening. On the window sills appear flowers, everywhere is full of drawings, and candles are burning at the threshold. Children breathe the life to the aged house. When confused citizens feel the joy that has secretly crept among them, at first they couldn’t believe their eyes. They find that the heat actually comes from within.

Author and performer Tin Grabnar

Premiere: 21. 6. 2012, Živa dvorišča