About the performance

What is happiness? Where do I find it? With whom I’ll search for it? What scares me? What am I ashamed of? What goes on in my nerves? What makes me happy? What satisfies me? What turns me on? Who are my friends? Do you prefer beer or špricer? Why do you eat meat? Why don’t you grow your own vegetables? How / what do you see me? Why I don’t accept myself for who I am? What bothers me? What would you change? Why don’t you leave me alone? Is laughter really a half of health? How long do I need to practice the smile that it would be convincing? Do I need a friend? How would you change the social order? How would you change the world? Why I would ever change it? Why I don’t have a house with a garden? Why porn is also in time of Sunday lunch? Who are my friends? Who is a true friend? Am I? Do you really know your true friend only in distress? If you would really know me, if you would know all my secrets, would you still be my friend? Would you accept me for whom I am? Would I accept you? Do you need a hug?

The project of director Zoran Petrovič, dramaturg Uroš Kaurin, actress Maruša Majer, Rok Kravanja, Zala Anna Štiglic and scenographer / costume designer Ajda Primožič, who take hunting seriously, inexorably, witty, sincere, combative, eclectic, precise, audacity, bizarre, above all, personal. All this with the purpose that we could all together be at least a bit closer to this, what many magazines, books, blogs and advertising, saying what meaning of life is.

Director: Zoran Petrovic

Dramaturg: Uros Kaurin

Scenographer and costume design: Ajda Primožič

Cast: Maruša Majer, Zala Ana Štiglic Rok Kravanja

Producer: Pija Bodlaj

Lighting Designer and Head of performance: Janko Oven

Puppet Theatre Ljubljana and Moment co-production.