About the performance

In the beginning there was nothing. But exactly there, endless years ago, something was resting. It was preparing itself for a special event. For something big. For something exciting. For the creation of the earth. As a matter of fact, for the re-creation, since the first version wasn’t really very successful. To be more precise, all of the first 12 versions weren’t really successful. But this time things will be better. This time it will be completely different. First-rate ingredients will be used in the perfect ratio. What will follow next will be the creation of man, who will be the perfect being. His life will be a bed of roses, and he will be given all that is best and most beautiful. He will get a head and unlike the first versions, he will know how to use it. His head won’t be there only for decoration. It won’t be just useful for eating food. It can’t be. It mustn’t be! Because otherwise … Because otherwise!!!

The show is 40 minutes long and has no break.

Director & author of the dramatic source material Zoran Petrovič

Performers Barbara Jamšek, Nina Šulin, Andrej Vršič

Visuals Nina Šulin

Music by Andrej Hrvatin

Light design Miljenko Knezoci

Production MOMENT in cooperation with the theatre academy DAMU from Prague and the Maribor Puppet Theatre.


Awards for the original use of theatrical conventions at Biennale of Puppeteers Festival, Slovenia in 2013.