About the performance

I don’t judge * because I don’t believe * because I’m an alien * because I don’t have experience * because I don’t have purple hair * because I’m sad * because I’m too young * because I’m too rough * because I’m dead * because I’m a foreigner * because it is cold * because I’m God * Even if he beat me! * I don’t know where I belong *

He doesn’t know where and to whom he belongs. He adapts to others and especially to himself. I dressed him a new suit with a red tie. I wash the hair. He resembles me. I’m the same as him. I would like to change the world, to change my selves.

It’s the original project.

Choreographer, actors Matthew Dobaj, Ajda Tomazin

Music Iztok Drabnik

Costume design Ajda Tomazin

Designer Goran Ivašić

Premiere: November 4 at 20:00 at Narodni dom Maribor.

KD Qulenium Kranj Co-production.