To the Moon

About the performance

It’s the performance based on the motives of Miki Muster comics, for children and adults. It is the puppet – fiction performance.

In his room, the fan and collector of Muster comics read again the adventures of Zvitorepec, Lakotnik and Trdonja. Before his eyes, old heroes come to life, and together they travel to the moon!

The project explores memory and the importance of the work of the Slovenian and Yugoslav pop-cultural history and legacy. In the world of silence – to the moon with Zvitorepec, Lakotnik and Trdonja is an independent performance, but also the beginning of the series on scenography platform, Archive memory.


Director and dramaturge Nika Bezeljak
Scenographer Andrej Firm
Sound Designer Beno Gec
Actor Miha Bezeljak
Photographer Gregor Salibor

Premiere: 24. 12. 2016, Intimate stage, GT22, Maribor

Production: Moment
Co-production: GT22 (Sonda Foundation), Institute Razvoj

The project is supported by the Municipality of Maribor.