Nothing New

About the performance

Albert Camus’ play Caligula was the inspiration in creating the original project Nothing New. We can say without a doubt there is Caligula in each of us, as it’s quite hard to remain upstanding and keep the inner codecs intact in a time of the general rule of egoism. Simultaneously we are also defined by other people, the moments we experienced, and actions we took – all these can potentially bring out a manifestation of Caligula’s principles. After all, everything depends on the individual. How one reacts to these impulses and lives one’s life.

We get a draft of five students’ everyday. Some friends for years, some just met – the common denominators are studying and the search of one’s place in a community. With time, various relationships between them emerge. The crucial change in their everyday is the disappearance of one of the flatmates. After his return, the seeds of destruction take root in other flatmates. Gradually the inner harmony of coexistence begins to collapse, bringing out the repressed memories, unsaid words, and unclear ends. What will become of them? Will they remain the same? Will they be different? Will they be happy or unhappy? After all …

“Is there something new?”
“No, still nothing.”

Direction: Caligula
Perfomers: Ajda Godec – Ajda/Caligula, Kim Godec – Kim/Caligula, Žiga Hren – Žiga/Caligula, Luka Kuhta – Luka/Caligula, Eneja Urnaut – Eneja/Caligula

Premiere: January 1st 2018, Intimate stage, GT22, Maribor

The project was supported by the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia and GT22 as a part of the Student Theatre project.