About the performance

The project “Making puppets, puppet and puppet play as a therapeutic and teaching tool” is an innovative way of addressing the general and vocational rehabilitation after the injury of head, other vital parts of the body or due to the illness. In this type of follow-on therapy is included the gaining or restoration of temporary loss of memory function, speech, use of arms fingers, legs fingers and other body parts, motivation to take an active role, cultivation of work habits, developing social skills and communication skills, assistance with the accepting their own disability and creative making.

The purpose of the project is to establish puppet activity as a creative, accessible, pleasantly and disabled-friendly activities in the field of medical, professional, vocational rehabilitation and other programs and activities for the integration of disabled people into social and working environment. Work with the puppet and puppet play allows the development of physical-motor skills and eliminating personal problems that arise in awareness of limitations due to disability.

The project was launched on 4th June in 2013 and will be completed by 31st August in 2014. The amount of the total cost of operations was 96,416.30€. The amount of public funding sources is amounted to 87,356.30€. Purposive EU funds represent 85% of the total eligible public expenditure for the eligible costs of the project, while purposive funds  of Slovenian participation representing 15% of the total eligible public expenditure for the eligible costs of the project. More on: terapija.moment.si.