About the performance

An authorial project about a mobster and father of a surprisingly regular girl from Portugal. A project on the border between drama and performance, puppets and objects, macro and micro theatre … For adults and youth.

In Switzerland, people mourn differently. There they throw a party to celebrate the deceased’s life and the fact that he or she concluded their mission in this world. I was born in Switzerland because my father used to smuggle cars from there to sell them for twice the price in Portugal. He was a first-class mobster, possibly even a mafia boss. I like to imagine he was one, but the kind that would have helped old ladies cross the street. He had more lives than a cat. He survived a motorcycle accident, was almost crushed by a public bus, was sick with meningitis and pneumonia at the same time, got over hepatitis, weaned himself off heroin seven times, survived throat cancer, he got his right eye transplanted – I am still not sure if it wasn’t an animal’s eye. He was a Don Juan of a Greek stature, everyone liked him and the world threw itself to his feet. I remember he was always nice to his mother. She used to call him a night monster, because he would empty the fridge during the night. In Portugal he is still alive because they couldn’t get his death certificate in order, on Facebook he died years before his death because he forgot the password. He was 57 years old. Why he died is still a mystery, and it’s time I put an end to it!

The performance is a collective effort and a part of a broader two-year project Unplugged.

Performer Mafalda Lopes
Director Zoran Petrovič
Dramaturg Marek Turošiík
Scenographers and co-authors of stage design Monika Pocrnjić and Andrej Firm
Technicians Andrej Firm and Monika Pocrnjić

Premiere: December 29th, 2017, Intimate stage, GT22, Maribor

Produced by: Moment
Co-produced by: GT22

The project is financially supported by the Ministry for Culture of Slovenia and the Municipality of Maribor.