StudenTheatre: Homo Absurdus

About the performance

What is life like in the modern world? How do we get around of it? While telling stories from a wide world of imaginary laws and protocols, this weirdness was illuminated by both a light of humor and anxiety. The mere fact that players are standing on planks made of dead organisms, and revealing their own minds to you, the audience, is … absurd.


Performers: Gal Tišler, Timotej Kresnik, Žiga Sevšek, Dejan Beriša and Sandra Štefanec
Mentor: Barbara Jamšek

Premiere: March 11, 2020, Intimate Stage GT22, Maribor

Production: Moment and ŠtudenTeater
Supported by: Municipality of Maribor and Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia.