StudenTheatre: So, is the performance on?

About the performance

In 2004, Slovenians joined the European Union. The next noteworthy step was entry to the Eurozone in 2007. Generations of millenials remember this hazily and faintly. It is taken for granted. In this (anti)democracy, we are growing up in a capitalist crematorium and we illiterately and blindly and utopistically believe all information that reaches us. Our ability to discern and select has died. We devour and gulp down anything. Even the last microcrumb will feed us and satisfy us. Let the puppet masters pull our strings. Let them put up a performance. A performance? What does this mean? Where is it going to take place? What is happening around us? What will happen?


Actor: Mila Kotnik
Director: Domen Šuman
Mentor: Nika Bezeljak
Technician: Jaka Zupanc Kuhar

Opening night: 21.02.2019
Production: Moment, StudenTheatr
The project was financially supported by Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD).