StudenTheatre: The Yugo Wind Will Be Blowing

About the performance

Seven young people intertwine the memories of their parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as those from literature and popculture, with their contemporary reality. With a perhaps naïve curiosity, they look for convergences and deviations from the content of History schoolbooks, newspapers and public political debates. They reflect on what they hear, read or study, just as they reflect on everything else, with an awareness that reality can no longer be put together. It is difficult for them to adopt positions on events, but the latter still affect them as a persistent subject of various discussions, which encourages them to articulate their impressions about the history that supposedly does not belong to them.


Members of the group: Davorin Juhart, Lucija Klauž, Anastazija Leščak, Pia Maruša Rak, Zala Reich, Nina Slanič, Gal Tišler
Mentor: Matevž Biber

Opening night: 19.02.2019
Production: Moment, StudenTheatre
The project was financially supported by Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD).