About the performance

Time pressure, apathy, mechanization and rigidity are some features of our bodies and lifestyles. We constantly intertwine daily routine and occasional desire for personal contact, which we condemn to failure in advance because of our nature, and the set of virtual situations with which we live. The biggest imperfection of love is that it requires the dual.

In the performance we question the relationships of people and talk about the desire of constant search of complementary human or soul with the awareness that any attempt is futile. In the space of the unknown day and anonymous individual we chaotically demolish the fictional world of relationships, where people are becoming body, flesh and tissue, and also the target of physical manifestation of frustrations and helplessness of the individual to create a perfect world and find the dual.

The performance is 40 minutes long.

The original project

Choreographer Matevž Dobaj

Performers Mojca Cvikl, Matevž Dobaj, Primož Gerlič, Barbara Spreiz, Nina Vombergar

Technical staff Ivan Novak, Zoran Petrovic

Premiere: June 16, 2009, Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor.