One for the road

About the performance

What to do with those who are different? What to do with those who think different? What to do with those to whom we bear a grudge? What to do with those who we don’t like? They have to be responsible! They have to pay! They have to be uprooted! They are different and that is dangerous. Only one degenerate seed is already a threat. It can sprout, grow and suffocate our social system, of which fruits we enjoy. They have to be suffocated. They have to broken! They should be an example! It should be clear who reigns here.

One for the road, is a performance which openly discusses violence, however it does not represents it through physical action but through dialogues and associations. It exposures problems of humanity and of an individual. It asks itself what is a person, who has power and supremacy over those who think different, capable to do. Performance condemns violence regardless to its goal and it is socially and politically critical. It is topical and deliberately locally undefined. Political motives, exploitation, encroachment of human rights and dignity, individuals interests under the mask of social benefits – these are problems, which concern all societies of our time.

The performance last for 60 minutes.

Author of the text Harold Pinter
Director Zoran Petrovič
Actresss Rok Kravanja, Nataša Šišernik, Andrej Vršič, Tin Grabnar
Translator Nina Mom
Costume designer Jenny Štumberger
Technical Support Sabina Bračič
Premiere: June 5, 2009 on the first stage of the First Gymnasium Maribor.

Rok Kravanja is awarded for the best actor at the Linhart Meeting Festival in 2009.