About the performance

Experimental miniature intertwines two within Puppet Theatre seemingly uncommon techniques: puppets and film. Before the eyes of the beholder, where a wooden table becomes a stage, in the knitting of play and miniature puppet animation a life-film story unwinds and through the intimate interaction of puppets and actors within every realization gains ever new dimensions.

Within the vast world, there is a city, every city, imbued with intimate secrets and narrow streets breathing out memories, glutinous of concealed tales, hidden behind concrete and figurative walls. Amidst the swarming, a tiny, everyday personal life of a mere human is lived, his story like everyone else’s. Meet a man… A difference that makes his story worth enlightening is his camera, absorbing and intermediating his every perception, each moment coming along. Encapturing the world and himself. To what extent can we comprehend the multiplicity of realities, sort them and distance ourselves from the ones with lesser intrinsic value, distinguish our own from imposed? Are eyes mere cameras, mechanisms of viewing reality, or gazes imposing on the world to unwind as the mere scenery of perception? Can we simply set our gaze and record, disregarding life as a feature of thought? Captured in scenery, what separates my scene from yours? What is that verge that amalgamates both? And what if it happens, that I cannot recognize it?

The performance last for 50 minutes.

Premiere: The Verge: October 5th 2013, The New Stage, Orožnova 7, Maribor

Director: Tin Grabnar

Artistic and set design: Nina Šulin

Perfomers: Miha Arh, Anita Gregorec, Andrej Vršič

Lighting design: David Orešič

Music: Iztok Drabik Jug

Photography: Sunčan Stone

Print design: Tadej Vindiš

Executive producer: Polonca Podgoršek

Production: Hiša! Association for people and spaces

Coproduction: MOMENT, Youth Cultural Centre Maribor, Glej Theatre, Puppet Theatre

Maribor, Hostel Pekarna, PERON Cooperative