About the performance

In 2015 Denmark randomly selected individuals who were disconnected of social networks for half a year. In this time experiment participants lived quieter, with less stress, and their social and family life became richer. Nevertheless, the vast majority returned to the old habits after the expiration of the test … Economists of first half of the last century predicted to the 21st the overall well-being with the 4 hour working day, which would enable us the technological development … Recently, Mirsad Purivatra has stated: “We live in a society where the profit is the most important, due to the evolution of technology we have lost authenticity … But still we have to keep what is human in us – with knowledge and culture.” With this project we are trying to combine both and to create unique theatrical events at the same time.

“Unplugged” is the meeting point of theatre and “live cinema”. It is a two-year project, which builds on the interaction between the performers and the audience, and linking the activities of filmmaking in the unique wholeness, which takes place directly before the eyes of viewers.

The project is planned from the five production form. The first four are “solo” performances that are based on the intimate, dynamic communication between the performers and the audience. They will accrue on the Intimate stage in Maribor, a new staging area, which was established during the two-year project, Incubator Moment.

Finishing production form is absorbing from what was previously done. It is a complete unit, which builds from the beginning and by this it’s relying on the already done. At this point creators are merged into group, which will be created by the method of ‘devising theatre’. We are facing art and science, testing communication with the audience, confronting the subject and the object, the detail and the mass, micro and macro world of the individual and society. Above all, we will intertwine their lives that are actually ours, and we shouldn’t leave to kidnap us so easily.

Production patterns of the project:

Unplugged.Rok; Rok Kravanja solo.

Unplugged.Zala Ana; Zala Anna Štiglic solo.

Unplugged.Tilen; Tilen Kožamelj solo.

Unplugged.Maruša; Maruša Majer solo.


The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.