Via Matti/Street of Fools

About the performance

It’s the original project on the border between drama and performance, puppets and objects, macro and micro theatre, reality and illusion, sobriety and madness.
The original project is for young people and adults.

Stojko? He’s my neighbour. He lives in a village on top of a hill. In this village houses are made of stones and the streets between them are extremely narrow. This village has a rich tradition of setting up nativity scenes in front of the houses. The task of tourists is to find all the nativity scenes in the village. For the prize they participate in draw to win the dinner for two in a village restaurant on Via Matti Street – Street of Fools. Stojko is a waiter there. He is not here, but I am and urgently need a coffee, a slice of ham and a drink of Teran. He is not here and this goes madly on my nerves and this is just the first domino in an endless series of things that would be necessary to change, that my head would not explode. It’s already breaking and hardly waits to collapses all the others. Welcome to the storm of my synaptic connections. Welcome to the streets of fools.

The performance is the collective work of the group. It is part of a broader two-year project, Unplugged / Izštekani.

The show will take place as part of the 31st Summer Puppet Pier Festival. Entrance fee: voluntary contributions. The number of seats is limited. Reservations: Reserved tickets have to be collected no later than 15 minutes prior to the performance.



Actor Tilen Kožamelj
Director Zoran Petrovič
Dramaturg Marek Turošík
Set designer and author of luminous image David Orešič
Scene makers Marko Golnar and Nejc Birsa

Premiere: 31. 3. 2017, Intimate stage, GT22, Maribor

Production Moment and GT22.

The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Maribor.