Victoria 2.0

About the performance

The project of drama theatre, puppets, objects and video technology.
The project on the boundaries of drama and performance, puppets and theatre of objects, reality and illusion.
The project for youth and adults.

Winners are confident. Winners are passionate. Winners appreciate themselves. Winners know what they want and how to achieve it. Winners never quit. Winners are disciplined. Winners don’t wait for perfect conditions. Winners know that the biggest risk is to not take a risk. Winners compare themselves only to themselves. Winners don’t need no one’s confirmation. Winners are healthy and they eat healthy. Winners are nicely built and have beautiful, solid, compact butts. Winners have partners. With a beautiful, solid, compact butts. Winners have sex. Passionate sex. Many of them. Friends also. Winners are loved. Winners love life. And life loves them. Winners are not many. Winners are very few. Winners win.

The performance is a collective work of the group. It is a part of a broader two-year project Unplugged.

Tickets: 12. 10. / 13. 10.


Actress Ana Zala Štiglic
Director Zoran Petrovic
Dramaturge Marek Turošík
Scenographers and co-authors of visual design Monika Pocrnjić and Toni Soprano
Photographer Toni Soprano
Set producers: Mojmir Ferenc, Matjaž Capi Capuder, Drago Pšunder

Premiere 16. 12. 2016, Intimni oder, GT22, Maribor
Production Moment and GT22



The Grünschnabel award at the Figura Theaterfestival in Baden, Switzerland, 2018
The Award for using contemporary technology in puppet animation at the »Puppet is a Human too« Festival in Warsaw, Poland, 2018