Why I (don’t) have children?

About the performance

What woman gains and losses, if she became a mother? For what reasons, the woman doesn’t become a mother? Why are we afraid to have children? Why we take for granted to have children?

In the text will be more voices – each with its own position, statement, prejudices, views, doubts and feelings. The voices of two women, and also voices that have sneaks in them due to social pressure, education, psychological distress … The performance will presentational explore the defining woman’s body. The body, which is made and the whole life it works to meet the biological functions of the continuation of the species. In this function woman has taught directing and restricting the body. The body that is cultural, but not freed.

The performance lasts 60 minutes.

Director Nika Bezeljak

Dramaturg Nina Šorak

Actress Alida Bevk, Minca Lorenci

Costume and scenografimja Tijana Todorovic

Music Beno Gec

Premiere: October 10, 2014 at Cankarjev dom.

Moment, City Theatre Ptuj and Cankarjev dom Coproduction.