All that is the Case

About the performance

The play Alles was der Fall ist (Theater im Banhof) was born as a collaboration between the theatre group and Robin Arthur, member of Forced Entertainment – a household name of independent theatre. The running play in which five actresses donning pajamas and one donning a night robe speak of their dreams, delusions, and thoughts. And they don’t hold back a bit! A bizarre commonness and common bizarreness. A performance that lends itself to cracking a beer and soaking in the stories. The show was given a do-over and translated into English especially for this occasion. Curtains up at 20:00.
Theater im Bahnhof is a prominent theatre group. A referential theatre with international connections, Theater im Bahnhof has a very interesting history and a mode of work and creation to match. The festival will also host a podcast interview with the actors and a presentation of the theatre – join us on 30 June.

Cast: Eva Hofer, Beatrix Brunschko, Pia Hierzegger, Monika Klengel, Gabriela Hiti, Martina Zinner, Juliette Eröd
Helping hand Ed Hauswirth
Set design Johanna Hierzegger
Costume design Heike Barnard
Inspired by the meeting with Robin Arthur and Tanja Kraus.

Pefromance is part of the festivala Lent program.
Financially supported by  Avstrijski kulturni forum.