About the performance

Even if you disappear and time consumes you into its vast reality, the cycle of life will continue without stopping, but will not remain intact. Quite the contrary. Every step, inhalation and exhalation will leave a mark, be it big or small. Throughout life, we go blind to what is essential, until it slips out of our hands. Just like an amaranth, your memories will forever bloom on Earth.

Instead of constantly searching for truth and meaning, let us try to see that everything we are looking for is already before us, and be grateful for every moment in its greatness.
Humans are transient beings, so let us not devalue our relations and open our hands to all the feelings of this world, without hesitation.


Mentoring: Miha Maver
Directed by: Špela Vene, Miha Maver
Choreography: Špela Vene and performers
Dramaturgy an photographs: Borut Bučinel
Text: Ema Ajster
Performers: Ema Ajster, Nina Baškarad, Patrik Komljenović, Ema Krebs, Špela Vene, Nina Vončina
Designing and guiding lights: Rado Jauševec
Sound Technician: Miha Maver
Costume Design: Ivana Tominc
Producerc: Manja Petelin, Drago Pintarič
Production: KUD Positiv
Supported by: MOL and JSKD RS