GULLIVER 2 – on the island of the giants

About the performance

Mini cabaret of extreme marionettes
The original project of Barbara Bulatović

The writer Jonathan Swift, an embittered satirist and a pamphleteer, strikes back! Outraged at the troubles he encountered when publishing his first book »Gulliver’s Travels: A Voyage to Lilliput«, he has decided to offer readers-viewers something different: Gulliver arrives at a gigantic court where he is regarded as an exotic toy. He witnesses lavish banquets, lounge quarrels and garden parties. He wants to explain and prove to the giants that he is a representative of the largest and most powerful kingdom, but in vain. Nobody is interested.

The performance Gulliver on the island of the giants follows the core mission of the Puppetry Artists’ Association (Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev) and the Bufeto Institute (Zavod Bufeto), which promote quality professional production based on contemporary puppetry, clownade and new circus. They are thus joining international trends which often employ the creative principles of puppet, movement and object theatres.

Cast: Barbara Bulatović, Silvia Viviani, Slavko Trivković
Band: Jezdeci prostranih dimenzij
Lighting design: Jaka Šimenc

A coproduction of the Puppetry Artists’ Association and the Bufeto Institute

»I think that my sense organ has been too sharp in relation to my smallness.«
Jonathan Lemuel Swift