Image Snatchers present: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF HPD

About the performance

PhD HPD: On soothing ADHD

HPD is reaching forty. Midlife crisis is on the horizon.
He fears going berserk, while standing on the thin and cutting edge between morality and infamy.
He claims to be a multitude and so fails in his search for authenticity.
He is a pussy on a hot tin roof realizing that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
He hates the roof and hates the road…
He feels like a rabbit blinded by the lights of wishful thinking.

The show is suitable also for English-speaking audience.

Image Snatchers is a regularly held event, where art and conviviality converge. Modular in nature, always surprising, and never the same, it has been constituted collectively by the group Feminalz through different formats of collaboration. The collective, creating new artistic contributions, commentaries, messages, and meanings within the technoburlesque evenings continuously, works to develop thematic clusters, characters, and narratives with which they reveal their ways of being to the audience in a very direct way. With the series “Image Snatchers Present”, the collective Feminalz embark on a new way of working, as the members of the group will take a closer look into the life of one of the technoburlesque characters. After Urška Vohar (Matilda and Her Buns, 2017), the second to be presented is Loup Abramovici as HPD (Hormonal Perturbator in Decay).


Review excerpt:
‘The Lives and Deaths of HPD, focuses on two main dimensions of dying: the first is individual – which is also already dripping into the second one, the collective and the social. Loup Abramovici boils his topic down to a recognisable global context, to the political situation in the USA, while adopting the role of the first lady Melania, assisted by two theoretical gnomes, Žižek and Peterson. Ana Čigon and Nataša Živković pretty much transcend their characters in how precisely they imitate their gestures, visual appearance, or small cynical snippets of theoretical empty talk. Although at the first glance we seem to be dealing with a sarcastic imitation of the first lady, the whole thing gradually slips into a display of her being tragically trapped in an endless role-play. Ambramovici is exceptional in the role of Melania which he “performs” on several levels: first, through a personal relationship to her, then in the frame of the fictitious character, and lastly, in relation to internalised acting, performed by the real Melania in relation to the world.(…).’ Zala Dobovšek, Dnevnik


Loup Abramovici was born in 1979 in France and grew up in Portugal. Since 2010 he lives and works in Slovenia. He had his dance education at CNDC d’Angers and CCN de Montpellier. As a versatile dancer and performer he has been collaborating in projects with, among others, Meg Stuart, Vera Mantero, Germana Civera, Loic Touzé, Mustafa Kaplan & Filiz Sizanli, Rémy Héritier, Antonija Livingstone, Maja Delak, Bojan Jablanovec, Bara Kolenc, Catherine Contour, Mala Kline, Matija Ferlin, besides developing his own work. Between 2010 and 2015, he developed his author projects with Teja Reba, co-creating several shows, installations, performances, and campaigns (White Cube / Black Box, 650 Experiences, Paradise Lost and Welcome to Paradise (O-JEJ collective / EAT-ART); Today is Tomorrows’ Yesterday and Made with Love). He regularly collaborates with theatre director Bojan Jablanovec in Via Negativa productions and with musician Tomaž Grom in the performance series Promising!. Loup Abramovici is involved in several productions of the Emanat Institute and is a regular member of the group Feminalz, where he performs under stage name H.P.D. in Image Snatchers technoburlesque since 2013.


Concept & performance: Loup Abramovici (HPD)
Co-creation and performance: Nataša Živković, Ana Čigon
Costumes: Urška Recer
Make up: Tina Prpar (Tinka Pobalinka)
Music editing: Luka Prinčič
Light design and technical direction: Peter Šanović
Photo documentation: Nada Žgank
Video documentation: Hana Vodeb
Translations: Katja Kosi
Executive production: Sabina Potočki
Premiere: October 16th 2019
Produced by: Emanat
In collaboration with: Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova mesto
Financial support:  Ministry of Culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana
Special thanks: Klub Tiffany, ŠKUC
Organisers in Maribor: Association Nagib (‘Nagib on Stage’ programme) and GT22, Maribor
In collaboration with: Vilinsko mesto / The Fairy City 2019, Maribor