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17. 04. 2020 at 20.00 // Intimate Stage, GT22
18. 04. 2020 at 20.00 // Intimate Stage, GT22

About the performance

Inspired by the destruction of the ancient city of the same name, Palmyra is an exploration of revenge, the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbaric. Inviting people to step back from the news, it looks at what lies beneath, and beyond, civilization.

The piece premiered at the Edinburgh Festival 2017, where it was awarded the Total Theatre Award 2017 for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form. Other awards include the Stockholm Fringe 2017 Grand Prix and the ‘Best of BE’ Festival Award. Theater critic Lyn Gardner (for The Guardian) has included the show among the top 10 theater shows of 2017.


Authors: Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas
Production: Bertandnasi, Farnham Maltings, Anglija
Photographer: Alex Brenner



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