Plastick Heros

About the performance

Plastic heroesis produced entirely by means of ready-made objects – children’s figurines and toys, representing soldiers, weapons and war. It also incorporates use of ipads, iphones and video. Desire, violence, sex, hate and fear are put on the table as the so called »naive« toys are brought to livfe and the inoscence of child’s play encounters the bleeding reality of adult war.

The show is a surprising, funny and fast paced collage of war images,and it manages to deal with hard and painful issues while giving the audience a funny, wild and refreshing puppetry experience.

“War is about to begin,

now is the time to become heroes.

But the soldiers are plastic,

the battlefield a table

and home is just a distant image on a screen.

In a combat with no clear enemy or goal,

the border between reality and fantasy blurs:

is this really happening,

or is it all just a game?”


Autrhor and performer: Ariel Doron