This short circus form reinvents the figure of the clown who was responsible for the famous hours of silent film. No matter if child or adult, we laugh at what falls on his head, as much amused by his fragility as his ability to get out of inextricable situations.

Bag on the back, he runs. Vagabond, fugitive, refugee of yesterday or today, he faces the obstacles that the life sows on its way. This physical acrobatic work depicts a world gone mad, where man is mistreated. In it, the figure of a utopian who dreams of a better world. With grace and innocence, Matias Pilet incarnates this manhandled hero. As an acrobat, mime, dancer, he excels with minimal means that touch us.

Past performances

18. may 2023 / Main square, Maribor
18. may 2023 / Main square, Maribor
Performed by:

Matias Pilet


Olivier Meyrou


Matias Pilet and Olivier Meyrou

Technical manager:

Jules Pierret


Lyévine-Marie Chevalier


L’Agora (Boulazac, France), Villa Médicis (Rome, Italy), Palacio Pancas Palha (Lisbon, Portugal), Companhia Olga Roriz, Le Quai (Angers, France), Sébastien Savine, Arthur Chavaudret, Pierre Marie Lazaroo


45 minutes