Forecasting is based on a collection of amateur videos taken from the largest video-sharing website, YouTube. The piece delves into the process of watching videos by reducing it to its essential: a body and a screen. On an empty stage, a performer manipulates a laptop showing hundreds of videos posted by YouTube amateurs: food lovers, gun fans, fitness buffs, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, as well as contemplative walks, intimate confessions, and playful moments with pets.

Video images have been selected to match the human scale, allowing the screen to be used as both a mask and an extension of the performer, who also complements the videos with her voice, further blurring the limits between herself and the incessant flow of the Web.

Through this hybrid experience Forecasting gradually turns into a story of all stories, an on-stage presentation of our on-line lives, a poetic sketch of the influence that digital tools play in the narration of the Self, and the collective construction of the Imaginary.

Forecasting was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 56th edition of the Mess Festival in Sarajevo.

The performance is in English.


Past performances

03. september 2022 / Intimate stage GT22

Giuseppe Chico, Barbara Matijević


Barbara Matijević

Video designer:

Giuseppe Chico

Sound designer:

Viktor Krasnic

Patch Max:

Niccolo Gallio


Kaaitheater (Bruselj)


UOVO (Milano)

Executive producer:

1er stratagème in De facto

With support from:

DRAC Ile de France, Hrvaško ministrstvo za kulturo, mesto Zagreb, Francoski inštitut, Združenje Beaumarchais SACD, PACT Zollverein (Essen) in Caos/Festival Terni (rezidenčni program)

Thanks to Marie Roche/Grand Ensemble for her collaboration and Rostan Chentouf for his project management.