We often hear that theatre does not give answers, it just asks questions. Good theatre asks really good questions. And we can say that Quizoola! asks a lot of questions. If Chuck Norris does all the push-ups, then the Forced Entertainment collective asks all the questions in this show. And that’s not all. Quizoola! not only asks, it answers. Whether philosophical, trivial or deeply personal, the performers’ answers are invented on the spot, and the atmosphere moves from intimate chat to pub quiz to absurd interrogation. What happens when we are left with just questions and answers? Quizoola!

Quizoola! is a durational performance that will be shortened for our festival. It will all happen in just three hours. Three hours of pure pleasure and torment, plain insight and banality, pure joy and sorrow.

You can step out during the performance and come back whenever you please. And there is no doubt that at the end you’ll wish the performance wasn’t over yet. Because – who could know what might lie behind the next right question.


Past performances

15. may 2023 / Kazinska dvorana, SNG Maribor
Conceived and devised by:

Forced Entertainment

Performed by:

Jerry Killick, Richard Lowdon and Claire Marshall


Tim Etchells & The Company

Lighting & Design:

Richard Lowdon


approx. 180 minutes