"Fitzmaurice VOICEWORK" focuses on breathing processes, breathing patterns and habits that are implanted in the body. Sets of exercises that Catherine Fitzmaurce linked them in the disassembly and reassembly of the breathing mechanism, allowing to individual a liberation of the old and useless breathing samples, identification of varicose places in the body and their release, opening and expansion of the breathing mechanism throughout the body and soul as well as the opportunity to individuals to experience the absolute harmony of body, breath and voice. This becomes incarnate, organic, gaining vividness, expressiveness and usability and thus become more accessible to a co-speaker or wider audience.

The method goes beyond traditional work with the voice and breathing apparatus and includes a comprehensive individual's body, intellect and soul. The effect of these exercises can be much deeper, since the opening and the use of breathing processes take place through autonomous mental patterns and re-fortifying body and spirit.

Workshop led Alida Bevk, associate teacher. She is suitable for actors, singers and all those who are faced with public speaking.

The price is 50 EUR.

For students and unemployed is 25 EUR.

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Deadline for applications: 26. 1. 2015.