In the basement of GT22, Moment in cooperation with the Sonda Foundation and other active organizations begin to create space for Intimate stage that will be intended for theatre performances, concerts and other social events. The idea of ​​the Intimate stage is designed as a flexible space that would try to meet the needs of all the events, which will take place in it.

In the context of scenography workshop we will investigate the potential of existing space through space and light experiments. On three days long workshop with already established young Slovenian scenographers, Ajda Primožič and Matic Gselman, we will learn the basics of theatre architecture and scenography, examine the needs and conditions for the creation of theatrical performances, studying the relationship between audience and performers, and trying out different spatial configuration of the stage. We will explore the interlacement of scenography and the light that they are joined at the hip. We will learn about the design and operation of the local theatre and visit the reference stage. The final product of the workshop will outline the idea solutions for the opening of Intimate stage with the scenic and lighting placement.

Workshop mentors: Ajda Primožič, Matic Gselman.

Ajda Primožič (born on July 30, 1986 in Kranj) is a scenographer, whose work connects the different fields of visual arts. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and collaborated with the AGRFT and various Slovenian theatres already during the study. Among other, she collaborated as an assistant with Aleksandar Denić by the performance, Still Storm (SNG Drama Ljubljana and SSG Trieste) and Uncle Vanja (SSG Trieste) and with the Jasna Vastl by the performance, By the Prouhudo (LGL). Independently she worked by the performances, Tribes (SSG Trieste), Frog Greta (LG Maribor), The edge (E.P.I. centre), Fight in the gullet (BiTeater), Vilinček from the moon and the Golden Bird (Šentjakob Theatre). Lately, she specialized in recycling scenography elements and their transformation into another environment.

Matic Gselman is the Slovenian scenographer. He graduated in architecture from the FG Maribor, currently he is completing a Master’s degree of scenography at the Department of Alternative Theatre Academy DAMU in Prague. In the first years of study he worked as an assistant with the renowned scenographer, Mark Japelj, later he created performances in both institutional theatres (SNG Maribor, LG Maribor, LG Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Theatre), as on the independent scene (KUD Moment, Glej Theatre, AGRFT, DAMU Prague). Some of them appeared at Maribor Theatre Festival, Summer Puppet Pier, Festival of Student Theatre (Novi Sad). Lately, he is researching alternative performance practices, especially in terms of physical and site-specific theatre.

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