When and where

  1. 08. 2014 - 02. 09. 2014 at 15:00 GT 22

Are we mirrors for each other? In the era of individualism can we create space for cooperation, connection and trust among us? What situations we have in common and what problems are facing woman in the third millennium? What socially ascribed gender roles exist between women here and now? What can we learn from our ancestors?

Within The Women's Room workshop we treat and research situations from women’s everyday life through theatre-based approaches that are based on the Oppressed Theatre. The method is not just for actors and actresses or to those with prior knowledge of theatre. On the contrary, Oppressed Theatre gives the opportunity to all participants to use the theatrical technique as a medium for expressing and discovering our potentials, but also to illuminate the themes and constructive confrontation of views and opinions on this topic, at the same time they learn about self and their inner world.

The Women's Room workshops are set as a part of broader two-year project, Incubator Moment. After the workshops we will prepare the final production, interested participants will be invited to participate in the performance Why I (don’t) have a baby (children)? (Moment, Cankarjev dom and Ptuj City Theatre production), whose creators are Nika Bezeljak, Nina Šorak, Alida Bevk, Minca Lorenci and Tijana Todorovič

Additional information, questions and applications: incubator(at)

The Culturologist, Barbara Polajnar has a master's degree from the Oppressed Theatre and acts as a mentor, coach and provider of workshops and training according to the method of Oppressed Theatre in Slovenia and abroad.

The workshops are part of the two-year project, Incubator Moment.

Partners: Transformer - Cultural and Artistic Association, Magdalene's Network, and GT 22.