Hero 2.0 – The Show of all Shows

About the performance

Only victory matters. History remembers only those who are on top. Others are merely extras.

All they have left on the way to triumph is themselves, shoulder by shoulder. The void, light and two actors. Heroes. Both are leading men. Both are fighting for their place in front of the audience, by all means. Uncompromisingly, over any obstacle to a superb creation, a masterpiece.

The ultimate performance, now or never!

The title The Show of All Shows is conceived as a guide to the research. Making a show, that is basically designed to put the actor on the bare stage and use it, until his last drop of sweat. His essence, everything he knows and can do. How do you prove your superiority, your value, your talent? The actor of today must master all the elements and skills of artistic creation more than ever before. He must know everything and that good. Like a modern-day multitasker, an actor is also faced with the fact that he spreads his field of thinking and artistic expression to all sides. In all forms and capabilities. Psychological method acting and text internalization is not enough. Understanding the context of the performance, situation, character is no longer sufficient. Transgressive acts and subversive tactics are not enough. If you do not have this width, time runs over you. Without this, you are the middleweight, the bearer of letters, the crowd.

If you don’t think you’re the best actor, stop acting. If you don’t think you are making the best show, don’t do it. If you don’t think that you can be selected for the programme, don’t apply. Hero 2.0 speaks exactly about this: it’s not a question of faith, but of the complete and blind conviction that Hero 2.0 IS The Show of All Shows.


Authors and performers: Uroš Kaurin, Vito Weis
Dramaturgy: Katarina Stegnar
Video: Boris Bezić
Author of music and accompanist: Lea Čehovin
Photographer: Nada Žgank

Production: Moment and EN-KNAP


Uroš Kaurin & Vito Weis - Heroj 2.0; sep.2017.

Uroš Kaurin & Vito Weis - Heroj 2.0; sep.2017.

Uroš Kaurin & Vito Weis - Heroj 2.0; sep.2017.

Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis won the Acting Award at the 53rd Maribor Theatre Festival (53. Festival Borštnikovo srečanje) in Maribor, Slovenia, 2018
Hero 2.0 received the critics’ award at the 29th THEALTER Festival, Hungary, 2019