The Team

Moment’s team consists of 6 employees. The artistic management of the organization and the implementation of the program are handled by three people, Nika Bezeljak, Uroš Kaurin and Zoran Petrovič. Andrej Firm ensures the technical integrity of the venue and performances, Urška Kamenšek makes sure that the papers are arranged from A to Z, and Anamarija Nađ informs the public about performances and other events.


Nika Bezeljak

program director/producer

Uroš Kaurin

program director

Zoran Petrovič

program director/producer

Andrej Firm

technical director

Urška Kamenšek


Anamarija Nađ

public relations

Nika Zuljan

graphic designer

Andrej Mesarič

web developer, website designer



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