A Good Life / On Entertainment Trilogy

Why is it easier for bar singers to perform than for actresses? What should performers do to satisfy the audience? What can a ghost talk about? How to tell the Game of Thrones with a lighter and hairspray?

The third of three performances, of which each plays with our expectations in its own way. Three performances with exceptional performers. Three shows with simple stories and complicated people. Three shows that make us laugh and make us think. Three performances that will show the De Facto Theater Company biting into a juicy, sweet-and-sour apple in its On Entertainment trilogy. How they will entertain us and whether they will succeed is the question of which answer we can only find out by visiting the show. Let’s have fun together.

The performance was part of the Fokus Zagreb program, which was the official accompanying program of the Lent Festival 2019.

De Facto
Game of Thrones
Directed by:
Saša Božić
Petra Hrašćanec, Nataša Dangubić, Jerko Marčić, Ugo Korani, Boris Barukčić
Movement consultant:
Petra Hrašćanec
Light design:
Marino Frankola
Dramaturgy consultant:
Dimitije Kokanov
De Facto Theatre Company
Ivan Mrđen, Mario Gigović
University of Zagreb Student Center, Culture of Change, Theater & TD (Ganz New Festival) within the Performing Europe 2020 project, co-financed by the European Union under the Creative Europe program.