Abonma Unfolding

ABONMA is a multi-year project of the Abonma collective, which, by developing a specific staging language, deconstructs and reconstructs already existing performances from the repertoire of Slovenian institutional houses. The project will be staged in several episodes. In the first half of the 2018/2019 season, the repertoire includes: UNFOLDING, MICKA, MARTYRESS a series of podcasts ABONMA BORŠTNIK.

At a time when the space for reflection in the socio-artistic space is shrinking, Abonma wants to open a non-invasive debate on the ways and conditions of work and especially the content offered to the public, both on the theater stage and in society at large.

UNFOLDING is the first episode of the Abonma project. In it, the creators present a staging format, unfold the repertoire of the season and open a discussion with the audience about the project itself, about subscriptions, about the habits that accompany theatrical creation and attendance, about performances they have seen or would like to see.

At the unfolding, we always entertain the audience with a subscription premiere cake.

Abonnement project

In conversation

Concept and performance:
Abonma collective (Nika Bezeljak, Miha Horvat, Eva Nina Lampič, Minca Lorenci, Luka Martin Škof, Aleš Zorec)
Marko Golnar, Samo Granda
Fabian Löwenbrück, abonentke in abonentje
21 April 2018, Intimate Stage GT22