All that is the Case

Beautiful women in old pajamas tell their dreams.

You can listen to them for hours, but also go to the bar or smoke a cigarette. Again and again they ask themselves personal questions. They are merciless. A cosmos of desires and delusions, claims and reflections is kindled.

We place a precarious, unpredictable stage arrangement at the center of the performance, which requires the constant playful attention of the improvising actresses. There is no consistent direction, but a formal framework and rules of the game. The fact, that the evening lasts at least three hours, challenges and overstretches the actors and causes them to act and react here and now. Actor’s fears, their nightmares and wishdreams form the narrative base of this work, their course is determined by the (co)incidence in stage.

This women meeting live on stage are not only narrators, players and actresses, but also contemporaries, who have something to say in life.

Forced Entertainment
Theater im Bahnhof
Eva Hofer, Beatrix Brunschko, Pia Hierzegger, Monika Klengel, Gabriela Hiti, Martina Zinner, Juliette Eröd
Ed Hauswirth
ScenSet designografija:
Johanna Hierzegger
Costume design:
Heike Barnard
Johannes Gellner
Theater im Bahnhof