What happens when theatre, as a living medium, is repositioned from the stage to the auditorium?
Apophenia is a demo version (/1) of an artificial intelligence subject created to perform all that is unperformable. Through its sampling mechanism, Apophenia generates fractals of its interpretation of human (in)sense. Apophenia is structured as an organism of animating cells that opens up the space of the future, as a space without humans, where artificial intelligence makes sense of its intentionality through forgotten images of perpetuation, passing and existence. Apophenia processes everything that is intangible, inarticulate, elusive. It catches moments of déjà vu, virtual fragments of life, passing smells and lost memories. Apophenia is programmed to produce glimpses of existence, to search for meanings in its memory board of countless images and meanings. How does the construct of the artificial understand the organicity of the living? In a production where the only living element in the auditorium remains the spectator, condemned to search for life in the inherently alien, a new form of liveness is established, a dialogue between interlocutors who do not speak the same symbolic language.


Nina Ramšak Marković and Varja Hrvatin

Video designer:

Vid Merlak

Set designer:

Igor Vasiljev

Technical co-authors:

Staš Vrenko, Monika Pocrnjić

Sound designer:

Jure Anžiček

Text designer:


Speech designers:

eReader, Google Translate




Moment Maribor, Bunker, Melara