Baba babi babo

The glorification of a woman gets on my nerves. Because it’s always in a relation to a man. Like some kind of competition. Where someone has to win. At the end there are two podiums and two medals and two anthems. And this big question, which one will be sung – the anthem. It gets on my nerves that a woman prides herself on giving birth to children. And that’s why is she’s more important. Than who? Of course than a man who does not – give birth.

It gets on my nerves that a man is black and a woman is self-proclaimed white. That a quasi-glow is forced around her head, which radiates on everything, and somewhere far away, in her shadow, a lost man sits on a stump and waits for her mercy. It gets on my nerves that women are being talked about so noisily. Who is alone and self-sufficient and eternally on her own for everything. Who does not need anyone. Because the shine is enough.

black and white
gender relations
Minca Lorenci
Nina Ivanišin and Maruša Majer
Scene designer:
Matic Gselman
Costume designer:
Belinda Radulović
Proofreader and advisor:
Metka Damjan
Technical support:
Bogdan Pernat - Bongo
Selected poems by female poets:
I. Simonović, S. Vegri, M. Škorjanec, Majarčičeva, N. Maurer, B. Korun, L. Poljanec, M. Kačič, F. Trojanšek, M. Vidmar, S. Hrastelj, A. Novak and M. Krese
45 minutes
23 November 2011, KGB Maribor
Moment and KGB