Behind the Four Walls 014

The relationship between the personal and the public is elusive. How far into the personal space do we let the other person go? And how far into personal space do we leave the spectator? Some things should remain hidden. Some things should be left behind four walls. Unless it’s better to expose them and show the world your pain.

In the play, we see four individual scenes that are the result of a devised theatre workshop. This means that their performers are also conceptual and implementation leaders. Since each of the authors has their own specific poetics and distinctly individual approach, the performance itself is a kind of mosaic of views. It is a journey through different worlds into the core of the problem and themselves – behind four walls.

The play was created as part of the two-year Incubator Moment project.

four walls
personal and public
personal space


Authors and performers:
Sanja Vodovnik, Sara Atanasković, Timotej Kolar in Tomaž Podbevšek
Mentors and project leaders:
Vito Weis in Tin Grabnar
30 January 2015, GT22
Moment in cooperation with GT22